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Vinyl Floor Stripping and Sealing in Melbourne

Due to heavy foot traffic, vinyl floors tend to lose their sheen, and the sealant layers wear out, leaving patches on the floor. These sealant-worn surfaces are prone to get dirt ingrained in them and look unkempt and dirty. At Absolute Care Cleaning Services, our two decades of experience cleaning commercial vinyl floors has equipped us with a deep understanding of not just cleaning these floors but taking care of them and maintain them in prime condition. Our vinyl floor stripping and sealing solutions in Melbourne is exactly what is needed to take care of your worn out vinyl surfaces in commercial and industrial properties. Our trained and professional team of experts is proficient in providing vinyl floor stripping with top-quality products, scrubbers, and tools and re-applying the sealant to infuse new life into the vinyl floors.

Our vinyl floor stripping and sealing solutions are efficient, and we provide quick, fast-acting sealant protection to floor surfaces like vinyl, terracotta, granite, concrete, marble, sunstone, limestone, amongst others. In addition, our professional strippers and sealers are highly adept, quick and effective when it comes to applying sealant and restoring the sheen of the various tiles, including ceramic, slate, quarry, terrazzo, travertine, quartzite tiles and much more.

Our expert services are not only limited to stripping old layers of sealant and application of sealant, but we also undertake vinyl sealant application services to newly installed floors. Our quality standards are high, and we strive to achieve an outstanding quality that lasts long in all our projects.

Reliable and proficient Vinyl Floor Stripping Services

Vinyl floors and tiles with sealant layers need regular upkeep and maintenance to keep the floor in prime condition. The sealant layers are prone to wear due to high footfall, and regular cleaning like mopping will not restore its original look. That is why Absolute Care Cleaning Services provides vinyl floor stripping services to ensure that your vinyl floor is not just clean but also looks clean.

Regardless of the quality of flooring surfaces, continuous usage will chip off the layer of sealant that provides the natural sheen and lustre to hard floorings. Simply mopping will make no difference to its appearance, and they start to look dull and patchy as the top layer protection wears off. Vinyl stripping and sealing services will ensure that your floors get re-sealed without ever looking excessively worn out. Our sealant quality is excellent and durable for a long time.

A Diverse Range of Vinyl Floor Stripping and Sealing Services as per Your Needs!

At Absolute Care Cleaning Services, we are committed to providing complete floor cleaning solutions that include vinyl floor stripping and sealing services. The new layer of sealant will enhance the look, keep your floor clean, and protect it from dirt. With proper care and maintenance, they can last for years.

Our stripping and sealing services include:

  • Applying a coat of protective layer on your tiles and hard floorings surfaces resists stains and usual surface damage.
  • Protective sealant layers do wonders to extending the service life of your vinyl and tiles floors.
  • High effective against stain formation
  • Scratch-resistant

If you are on the lookout for hiring an expert vinyl floor cleaner, stripping and sealing solutions service provider, then you have come to the right place. We are owned and operated locally, fully insured and licensed and offer excellent services at competitive prices. Feel free to talk to us about your specific needs.

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